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Your Yield Now


YieldBooster 300W-GP

Do you have focus lens on your grow light?

No? Try our Hercules-Focus technology from today.

Traditional Lens

40% of energy lost to surrounding

Hercules-Focus Lens

Primary focus + secondary reflection transfer 99.9% of light to plants

*Data collected from mathematical optical modeling made with real product model 

Our specially designed Distributed Protection System (DPS) increases the lifetime up to 10 years

Our DPS system works like an immune system inside the human body. It balances the current through every LED diode, avoiding overflow which can damage diode performance. On the other hand, when any single diode dies, our DPS system blocks the hazard resistance fluctuation and promises the entire light working as usual.

"Our first test model has been working in our test center since 3 years ago, without even taking a second break. Let's update this record every year."

-Sean Samuel, engineering team

Incredibly low temperature 

Amsterdam Grow Light

Grow light from other brand

Your growing cost is down to only €0.5/day

Rent / buy a B-stock

What is B-stock?

A “B-Stock” is a grow light which has been returned by our customer within their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We resell it with lowered price. You can also rent a B-stock grow light from us by only €7.99/month. Please see details here.

Better Than Sunlight

We optimize our grow light with wavelengths that are absolutely necessary for plant growth, making the grow light even better than regular sunlight!

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