Why Choose Our Grow Light For Your Plants?

Maximizes Yield

Light is an important factor that affects the maximum yield of your plants. Absorbing the right amount of light can lead to a spectacular yield and our grow light can make that happen. The grow light uses cutting edge technology to transfer the largest amount of light to the plants, ensuring an increase of up to 130% in your maximum yield.

Reduces Electricity Costs

Lighting can make electricity bills skyrocket. Our grow light is equipped with a state-of-the-art LED driving circuit that reduces electricity consumption without compromising on the intensity. The controlled flow of electricity reduces waste and helps you save up to 40% of your electricity costs as compared to the normal HPS lights.

Remarkable Power

Light is the food needed by plants to survive and live a long and happy life. Much like humans, plants need the right amount of food to grow fast and build strength. This is only possible through a good-quality powerful grow light that supplies high intensity lighting to match the light of the sun.

Perfect light spectrum

Our grow light consists of the most ideal wavelengths of light that are beneficial for your plants. By removing unwanted wavelengths, we increase the intensity of useful wavelengths to boost growth. Following the Emerson Effect, our grow light consists of special UV light to ensure steady growth. 

Reduces temperature

 With a reduced temperature, our grow light is ideal for in-home growing without the need of ventilation. Now you can grow your plants in temperatures as low as 30 C and cut the costs of an air vent. 

Long lifetime

 Thanks for the advancement of LED technology. Our grow light can have a long lifetime up to 50,000 hours. This guarantees that our customers can use our products for ten years without replacing or repairing. 

Always the best price

We know the price of LED is one of the biggest concerns of our customers. Thus we are trying all the time to make our grow lights come at the best price that you can find.

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