Sunlight Simulator 640W uses 6 full spectrum 100W COB chips, covering wavelengths from 360nm to 800nm. The spectrum is optimized for both vegetative and flowering stages of plants. By using COB chips, we can set the wavelengths as close as possible to real sunlight. We balance the ratio between red and blue carefully to mimic sunlight. If you are looking for a grow light which can give your plants same care as sunlight does, this one must be your best choice.


Every COB chip contains a LED array of 30 bulbs. This design also provides superior thermal performance and premium stability. 6 high speed fans constantly cool the whole system down, keeping it working on a low temperature. A 90 degree optical glass lens strongly concentrates light intensity, increasing penetrating ability 5 times or more. 


Highlights you must know


1. Full Spectrum

A wide range of 360-800nm wavelength can cover all the light your plants need to grow. We carefully designed the ratio between blue and red by our over 10 years of growing experience to give your plants the fastest growing speed. 


2. High power but the low energy consumption

The circuit inside our grow light is designed by our experienced electronics expert. We use high quality DC/AC convert to provide a smooth, low loss DC current to LED bulbs. Meanwhile, heat loss is reduced to the lowest level to avoid unnecessary energy waste.


3. Longer than 50,000 hours of lifetime

All of the products from us have passed a 50,000-hour aging test. That means you never need to replace this grow light even if you never turn it off for at least 6 years!


4. High PPFD and large lighting area

If you care about PPFD or LUX value, then Sunlight Simulator is the one you must choose. A certificated 1370 PPFD will definitely satisfy you. 2.5m2 lighting area gives you a chance to grow up to 8 plants at the same time.


5. Cheap, and always cheap

We know a LED grow light is still novel and expensive in the market. But we also know the transition from halogen light to LED is an inevitable process. That's why we are always trying to make this market more friendly to all users. This is also why we provide the best price with the highest quality to convince our customers to try this state-of-art LED technology.


6. Discreet shipping

On the package, no one can see what you exactly bought.


7. €10 shipping inside Europe

Shipping is €10 inside Europe. We will arrange the shipment on the same day we receive your order. Your grow light then will arrive at your place within 3-4 working days.


8. CE, FCC and RoHS certificates

All of our products have CE, FCC and RoHS certificates.

Sunlight Simulator 640W

€520.00 Regular Price
€468.00Sale Price
  • Product Details

    Spectrum Full Spectrum (360-800nm)

    LED Bulbs  6*Full color COB, 8*Blue

    Max Wattage 490w (±5%)

    HID Wattage Equivalent 1500w

    Input Voltage AC 85-265V

    AC Frequency   50/60Hz

    LIfetime >60,000 Hours

    Lumen     12384Lm

    Weight   Net: 5.8kg, Gross: 6.3kg

    Dimensions 536L x 362W x 128H (mm)

    Recommended Height Above Plants   30/60/90/120cm

    PPFD(Correspond to Height)           1370/494/256/159µmol/m2/s

    LUX(Correspond to Height)              52600/21500/10960/6600

    Temperature     -20-40°C

    Lighting Area                              2.5m2

    Warranty 3 Year

    Certifications CE, ROHS, FCC

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